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Welcome and thank you for visiting this website which has been set up to assist parents identify sources of information to help them understand more about Dyslexia and how to help their children cope with it. You can click on the Tabs to the Left or click at the top on the Site Index. Bookmark Now !

If you find the information on this site useful, please take a few minutes to drop me a quick e-mail with your comments to admin@dyslexichelp.co.uk There are some very USEFUL BOOKS to help you understand Dyslexia and to help your child. And some thoughts from children on how it feels to be dyslexic - "Plees help"

This site came about when I found out that my son, Callum was diagnosed as a dyslexic (at the age of 6) and I researched across the internet to find out and understand as much as I could in order to help him. His father is also dyslexic but as a child was labeled stupid and disruptive and had an unhappy time at school. We can only hope that now there is more awareness about Dyslexia, children diagnosed with it will have a better time at school with the support of parents and teachers who are now more geared up to support it within mainstream schools.

They estimate that 1 in 10 children have Dyslexic tendencies which is about 2-3 children per average class. The Government's latest Code of Practice is pushing schools more and more into supporting children with special needs and to include them rather than exclude them.

Having said all this, parents are continually finding that they are having to fight to get the needs of their children met, and often including a number of MP's, are choosing private education and are giving up much to ensure their children recieve the best education. Is this right?

Parenting a child with special needs is quite a challenge. Often, it means learning a whole new field, finding out about special education, testing procedures, and special software just so you can make informed decisions about your child. In order to assist, this website consists of dozens of links and numerous bits of gathered information in order for you as a parent to understand the issues of Dyslexia and how to provide support for your child at home and at school.

Information on this website is drawn from many sources from around the internet and in respect of the authors, there are links at end of each information

I hope you find this website useful, and if you find any other useful websites, or if you run a website that has useful information for dyslexics or parents of dyslexics, please email us admin@dyslexichelp.co.uk

I am incredibly lucky, as after lots of heartache, continual worries and a child who really switched off to education, I found a wonderful school where he is at last happy and flourishing; where his needs are being met both educationally , emotionally and socially and his fragile self esteem is being re-built.

You must never give up hope and you may have to search hard to find the right school, but it is worth it!




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